1. Preliminary Registration

1.1. As Tower House is a non selective school, there is no entrance test at 4+. Thus the first twenty to register in each year will be considered as guaranteed places, although siblings of children already in the school are given priority. On occasion, some names drop off the list, allowing those outside the top twenty the opportunity of entry. Admission of boys at ages other than 4+ will depend very much on the availability of spaces. The preliminary registration fee of £100 is non-refundable.

1.2. A small number of places become available in different year groups from time to time – please enquire about availability by contacting the Registrar. The procedure is different depending on the age of the boys. For entry into Year 1 or 2 a boy would be invited into their future class for an hour or so to assess their suitability to cope in the year group he is entering and to ensure he would be happy and content in this educational environment. Boys wishing to enter Year 3 and above undertake assessments in English, Maths and Reading and they also have an informal interview with the Deputy Head. This is in order to ensure that they are up to good standard compared to their peer group already attending Tower House. We must also assure ourselves that they will be content in this educational environment and therefore have every chance of emerging confident, well-educated and well-rounded.

1.3. As there is no entrance test at 4+, all boys are expected to spend a short time at the school in the term before they are due to start. In this way the boy is able to meet some of the staff, see the school, and in an informal manner the school can assess the boy’s potential. The purpose of the interview is not to test what the boy has learned, but to ascertain whether he is ready for a day’s schooling, or in the case of an older boy, whether he will be able to cope. As a result of this informal interview the school reserves the right to postpone or refuse admission to a boy should it be considered necessary.

Download the  Preliminary Registration Form

2. Final Registration

Once a place has been offered a final registration fee of £1500 becomes payable 18 months prior to entry to guarantee your son’s place. Final registration forms and contracts are available from the School Registrar.

3. Conditions of Acceptance

Fees are payable in advance for each whole term and the full term’s fees are due and payable whether or not the pupil attends throughout the whole term.

A whole term’s notice of intention to remove a pupil must be given in writing by the parent or guardian of the pupil to the Head before the first day of any term. Notice given on or after the first day of any term shall be treated as notice given for the pupil’s removal from the School on the last day of the next following term.

After acceptance of the pupil by the School, fees for the first term become due and payable by 1st March, preceding the expected starting date in September of the same year, and are non-returnable in the event that the pupil should fail to attend the School. If these fees are not paid in full on or before 1st March, it will be assumed that the place at the School is no longer required and all deposits paid prior to 1st March will be forfeited.

4. Termly school fees (from Sept 2018):

The first term’s fees are due by the 1 March prior to September entry.

The fees are inclusive of school lunch, personal accident insurance and all the term time residential trips and entrance fees for educational visits. During their time at Tower House, the boys take part in residential trips to Flatford Mill, York, New Forest, France and Skern Lodge in Devon. Additional costs are wherever possible avoided.

Reception & Year 1 – £4,363

Years 2&3 – £4,814

Senior school- £4,946