Boys leave Tower House having completed their Common Entrance Exams in the summer. They move on to the top UK schools in the country, including:


London Day Schools

  • St Paul’s
  • Kings College School, Wimbledon
  • Hampton
  • Reed’s School
  • The Harrodian Senior School
  • Radnor House
  • Emanuel
  • Kingston Grammar
  • Dulwich College

Boarding Schools

  • Charterhouse
  • Wellington College
  • Eton
  • Marlborough
  • Harrow
  • Winchester
  • Bradfield College
  • Epsom College
  • Tonbridge
  • St. Edward’s
  • Stowe

Destination Schools Summer 2018

Bradfield College (Sports Scholarship)


Epsom College

Frensham Heights (Music Scholarship)

Hampton School


King’s College School

Reed’s School (Music Scholarship)

St Paul’s School

The Harrodian Senior School

Wellington College