ISI Inspection Report

April 2016 – Download the full report here

The report highlights the progress that has been made by the school since the last inspection and there is much to be applauded in the detail of the inspection team’s findings. As a broad flavour, these quotes are from the overall report. We hope you can take the time to read the report in full.


Pupils are extremely well educated in accordance with the school’s aims. In the EYFS they achieve high standards in all areas of learning. They enjoy working independently and creatively, are articulate and reason carefully.

The pupils’ excellent progress is supported by a wide-ranging curriculum, a very broad range of activities and an exceptionally wide programme of visits and residential trips.

The pupils’ personal development and the quality of pastoral care are excellent.

Throughout the school, high quality care is provided, and relationships and behaviour are excellent.

Arrangements for safeguarding, welfare and health and safety are excellent.

The clear sense of educational direction is reflected in pupils’ high standards of academic achievement and excellent personal development.

In the EYFS, children achieve extremely well in all areas of learning and development, particularly in communication and language, and in understanding the world.

Children become active and independent learners through the ample opportunities they have to explore and experiment with a rich array of imaginative resources.

In sport, they demonstrate considerable skill, coupled with commitment and enthusiasm.

Pupils are very successful in obtaining places at senior schools, some of which are highly selective.

A number of pupils win art, drama and music scholarships to senior schools.

Sports teams are particularly successful for the size of the school, often beating teams from larger schools. The rugby team had an unbroken record during a recent tour of Italy, beating the national champions in this age group.

The excellent quality of teaching throughout the school enables pupils to achieve the high standards for which the school aims.

Teaching promotes tolerance and respect for others, and is non-partisan in the discussion of political issues.

Throughout the school, pupils’ strong personal values are shown in their self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-esteem, meeting the school’s aim for them to become able to shape their own futures.

The pupils’ excellent social development enables them to be at the heart of a strong and supportive community, which nurtures an enjoyment of learning.

The pupils’ mutual warmth, friendship, respect and good humour are very evident, for example when older pupils care for younger ones by helping them with their reading or assembly preparation.

Procedures for welfare, health and safety within the EYFS are fully effective; they are given a high priority and rigorously implemented.

In the EYFS, excellent leadership is highly successful in providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment where learning is fun.

The clear educational direction in the school is reflected in the high standards of academic education and the pupils’ excellent personal development.

Links with parents, carers and guardians throughout the school are very strong.

Across the whole school, communication between the school and home is highly constructive, based on mutual trust and respect.

Parents are welcomed into the school for a wide variety of events such as concerts, sports fixtures, drama performances and assemblies, enabling them to be involved with and supportive of their children’s learning.’