Senior School Life

From Year 4 onwards, the school day begins at 8.30 a.m., when registration with the Head of Year is followed by a brief form period.

Timetabled lessons, which begin at 8.40 a.m., include sport /PE most days. Pupils may go home at 4.15 p.m., although most will choose to stay until 5.00 p.m., in order to access a “Club” of their choice.

In this way, a typical Tower House  day becomes a blend of:

  • hard work
  • exercise
  • an enjoyable hobby or recreational interest.

The lunch hour provides opportunity to make the most of free time, with a wide range of facilities available to pupils. A healthy lunch is provided to ensure that pupils have sufficient ‘fuel’ to make the most of their journey.

20 things to do before I leave senior school


battle wind and rain rowing and coxing a boat along 21 miles of the River Thames, in the Great River Race challenge


Meet an England international rugby player and ask him lots of questions about his life as a sportsman.


Build a miniature Lego city, consisting of hundreds of buildings, out of 92,000 pieces.


Learn the art of fast bowling from England’s leading wicket taker


Visit one of the amazing Art Galleries in Central London


Learn the ancient skill of willow spilling, using willow trees to make flood barriers that stop the riverbank eroding.


Sleep over at the Science Museum’s Science Night – make kaleidoscopes and ultraviolet torches and get to bed at 11 o’clock.


Re-enact the 1068 Domesday enquiry into the manor of Mortlake, with a look at the Domesday Book at the National Archives.


Go out on a trawler in The Solent


Care for the environment – whether planting, clearing riverbanks or zapping invasive species from Richmond Park.


Perform in a spectacular three-stage production lasting 2.5 hours with a cast of 70, and seven days’ filming on location.


Complete the British Fencing Level I (Foil) Beginner’s Award – en garde!


Eat snails and shop in a traditional French market on a five-day trip to Normandy.


Fly a Helicopter!


Play cricket fixtures against local teams on a school trip to Barbados – the school sports experience of a lifetime.


Investigate the Cabinet War Rooms deep under Whitehall, finding out about Winston Churchill’s role during the war.


Join the choir, rock band, orchestra, swing band or jazz group.


Create a 4m long Marble Run


Be shocked by the laws of Physics


Attend the film premiere of a film I helped make at London’s Curzon Renoir Cinema.