The French DepartmentYears 4 to 8

Our principle aim in teaching French at Tower House looks beyond the standard required for Common Entrance – giving our pupils the confidence and knowledge to communicate in a foreign language. By doing so, we lay the foundation not only for the future study of French, but also the study of other languages. 

French is introduced in Reception and from this early stage the boys are encouraged in all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking using authentic texts and activities to cultivate an enjoyment in language learning. They are taught different subjects and topics in the target language, following the CLIL model of language learning, placing an emphasis on using language for and with a purpose. As they progress in the Senior School, the boys build upon the language learning skills introduced in the Junior School to tackle language in all forms, developing the skills which will enable them to understand and use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication.

Every February, Year 6 go to an activity centre in France where they take part in a packed programme combining visits to WW1 battlefields – following on from their study of this in French, History, Art and English that term – combined with the study of French. In the Senior School, boys have access to the Language Perfect language learning software and app to help learn language beyond the classroom, and in Year 7 and 8 the classes are split into smaller groups for learning as they approach Common Entrance.

Language learning promotes a multitude of skills which are important in all areas of life: being a confident communicator with a diverse range of people; the ability to infer meaning, pick out patterns and make links between concepts; problem solving; working collaboratively; an appreciation of other cultures. A good working knowledge of at least one modern foreign language is becoming a prerequisite in many workplaces and universities, and we aim to give the boys the desire and skills to become lifelong language learners.


Year 6 Residential Trip

Here is the presentation from the Y6 Residential trip briefing on Thursday. Lots of pictures from last year and all the information to accompany the trip brochure. Looking forward to heading to Northern France in February!

Presentation for briefing 2017

"[pupils] speak confidently in French, using excellent accents and extensive vocabulary"

ISI Inspectorate