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Glorious Food Menu

Glorious Food Menu

Lunch at school is a very social and communal affair. The boys eat together in year groups; time spent enjoying each other’s company. Our Head Chef and catering team regularly review and update the weekly menu to design healthy, nutritious and varied daily options. These menus are published in the weekly newsletter and are on display at the counter as well as the school gates. Food is prepared and cooked fresh.

There is a commitment to using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to create fresher, healthier and environmentally friendly meals. The boys are offered a choice of at least two main dishes, one of which is always vegetarian. Two choices of protein are available, as well as a variety of vegetables and baked potatoes. All allergies are catered for and the Head Chef is always happy to meet with parents to discuss specific allergy issues prior to a boy joining the school.

In addition, crudités (carrots, cucumber, celery) are available on each table for the boys to enjoy. Homemade sandwiches and wraps are another choice, although we always encourage the boys to enjoy a hot meal. Fruit is always available as an alternative to pudding.


‘The food is lovely and nutritious. We can tell how passionate the catering team are - they are doing a fantastic job.’

‘The food is really good. Lots of healthy options and lots of information about the nutrition’

‘Great amount of choices for lunch. Parents are invited to come in and experience it for themselves. Even crudites to snack on whilst the boys wait.’

Themed Food Days

In order to encourage the boys to try new dishes and develop a wider palate, the Head Chef organises fun themed lunches every month. Recent examples include Thai, US, Chinese and Mexican themes which are very popular amongst the boys and staff! A tasting table is also prepared for the boys to sample exotic fruit, vegetables, sauces and dips from around the world that they may have not tried before.

Mr Lunnon is a huge fan of the food at Tower House, especially the fruit crumbles with custard!