Talk Education Review

Tower House was delighted to recently give Talk Education a tour around our wonderful school. Some highlights have been picked out below, however for their full review please click here

"The sound of happy voices floats down the street as you approach this south London gem. The only single-form, all-boys’ school in the area, it offers a unique education for the lucky 180 pupils who attend...Much like its Tardis-like campus, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye here, with the pupils’ individual needs at the heart of everything."

"Armed with plenty of wisdom and experience, Mr Lunnon is already a huge hit. He is approachable and driven, and his focus on balancing the many advantages of the global-city location within a local community is music to the ears of Tower House parents."

"The Reception classroom is delightful, with zoned areas for art, reading (on a lovely mezzanine) and role-play with an outdoor play area complete with kitchen and an awning so they can be outside even if it’s raining."

"Senior school destinations are many and diverse; in 2022, they included Eton, Harrow, King’s College School and Uppingham. Sometimes the Year 8s leave to go to as many 14 different schools."

"This is a school that doesn’t just pay lip service to every child belonging; they really do and it’s wonderful to see how the pupils fit in from the get-go in Reception. Very nurturing staff strike the perfect balance between meeting potential and stretching the boys just that bit further."

Current parents told Talk Education:

"Tower House is a gem of a school. It’s small but mighty. Small class sizes, a brilliant Headmaster along with a good ethos made it a no brainer for us. I wanted my children to be somewhere where the focus was on developing good people as well as getting the best out of them academically."

"Having recently moved my eldest son to a senior school at 13 it made me realise exactly how much Tower House knew and knows my children. When there were wobbles the school helped to navigate those times with help and advice. The pastoral care is brilliant. Both my boys have felt at ease to talk to staff when needed."

"I think Tower House is the most perfect school and I am beyond thrilled that we found it. I don't know how the next place will ever live up to our experience."

Current pupils told Talk Education:

"All the teachers have helped me become a better person, whether it's hilarious humour or a wise word, all the teachers here are the reason I am who I am. I will be forever grateful that they are at Tower House. "

"I have already got a place at Hampton which I feel is exactly the right school for me. Although I'm sad to leave Tower House I know that I can feel confident for the next step of my life all because of the amazing teachers here at Tower House School."

"My science teacher has been an inspiration from the first day we started science with him in Year 4! He is very organised and gives us stars for good behaviour and funny laminated slips if we chat. Also, our history teacher is considered a 'legend' among us for being so light hearted and fun to learn with. Finally our drama teacher is an unbelievable inspiration because he goes beyond the usual school play."


"I hear and forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand"