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Planting Seeds of Opportunity

Education is about planting as many seeds of opportunity as possible and Prep School is the perfect sowing time! Fostering a deep sense of curiosity, exploration and challenge within our boys is key to our approach at Tower House.

We want all our boys to embrace opportunities, try new things and stretch themselves in and out of the classroom. Our broad and varied co-curricular programme aims to set our boys on a lifelong journey of learning; with a deep sense of joy and wonder. It is often these memories that last longest in the minds of our boys for years to come.

Our extensive co-curricular programme creates an environment where boys can learn from each other, share ideas, develop strong inter-personal skills and build their own self-confidence. Developing a sense of achievement and pride is a valuable experience for our boys and one which we believe leads to ambition and a sense of fulfilment across all subjects and areas of school life.