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Winner of the 2023 Talk Education Award for Innovation in Education in Creative and Performing Arts

Tower House School has a unique and exceptional drama department, demonstrated by our production of a full-length sci-fi feature film, ‘Proxima’. Following the Covid pandemic, the school felt there was a desperate need for all our pupils to step away from computer screens, reconnect with their school friends, learn new skills and above all, come together for a big and ambitious adventure! Our Head of Drama, Mr Paul Geary, devoted a year to directing, filming and editing this production. With a cast of over 70 pupils in speaking roles, filmed in over 17 national locations, this was an extraordinary experience for everyone involved.

To watch the film, Proxima Part 1 click here.

To watch the film, Proxima Part 2 click here.

To read the program that accompanies the film click here.

"Working on Proxima was a once in a lifetime experience. Mr Geary wrote an amazing script, took us to countless incredible locations to film and always gave 110 percent of himself to the production. I learnt how to work well with other people, and certainly patience; sometimes filming took longer than expected, but it was always worth it in the end. Proxima was such a rewarding experience; I saw how hard it was to direct and organise a production like this and I am so thankful to Mr Geary for making it possible. I really enjoyed watching the finished film on the big screen, knowing how much effort everyone had put into it. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity."

- Roscoe, cast member

"Filming Proxima was such a special and unique experience which I doubt many get to have at my age. I really enjoyed every second from early morning shoots in the woods, to driving the getaway car and then filming in an old bomb shelter. What an experience! Every effort was made to make it as convincing as possible - we all learnt to make sure the audio recordings were spot on and how a simple thing like changing the pitch of your voice could make such a difference to the scene. I won't forget filming such an amazing production with such a great team."

- William, cast member

Finalist for 2023 Independent School of the Year Awards for Performing Arts

Tower House was also delighted to have been named as a finalist in the prestigious Independent School of the Year Awards for Performing Arts. To be named in the finalist category amongst some much larger schools with a specific performing arts emphasis was a huge honour and one we are extremely proud of.