Joining THS

Entry in Reception

As Tower House is a non-selective school, there is no entrance test to start in Reception. Thus the first twenty pupils to register in each year are considered as guaranteed places, although siblings of children already in the school are given priority.

Entry in Year 1 & Year 2

Admission of boys in Year 1 and above depends very much on the availability of spaces. Places become available in different year groups from time to time – please enquire about availability by contacting our Head of Admissions.

For entry into Year 1 or 2 we invite the prospective pupil to join their future class for an hour or so to assess their suitability and ensure he would be happy and content in this educational environment.

Entry in Year 3 & Above

Boys wishing to enter Year 3 and above are invited into the school to undertake assessments in English, Maths and Reading. During this time the new pupil is able to meet some of the staff, spend some time in the school and take part in an informal interview with the Deputy Head.

The purpose of the interview is not to test what the boy has learned, but to ascertain whether he is ready for a day’s schooling, or in the case of an older boy, whether he will be able to cope with the educational challenges at Tower House. It is very important to us that the boys will thrive during their time at Tower House and have every chance of emerging confident, well-educated and well-rounded. As a result of this informal interview the school reserves the right to postpone or refuse admission to a boy if it be considered necessary.

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter"

-E. E. Cummings