Beyond Class


Our co-curricular activities sit within the curriculum rather than outside it, and are only limited by our boys’ imaginations. If a boy suggests something and there is enough interest, we’ll do it.

Clubs have included languages such as Russian and Italian and sports such as golf, squash and health related fitness. They extend to art, drama, debating, chess, board games, lifesaving first aid, and wildlife studies too.


Outings & Events

At Tower House we feel the classroom outside the walls of the school is a vital and enlivening part of a boys education.

We are lucky to have the inspiring Richmond Park on our door step but also the vibrancy and diversity of London where the museums, art galleries and history form an active part of the curriculum.  Trips are organised for all year groups on a regular basis and whether a nature walk in the park or visiting the Tower of London, the boys always love the experience of these trips.

In the Senior school in addition to day trips, each year group will have a residential trip at some point in the year.  The focus for these trips varies according to the year group and while there will be a strong academic element to each trip, the boys development and enjoyment are paramount.  These trips give all boys the experience of staying away from home, being more independent and also forging those friendship bonds that come from spending extended time together and shared experiences with peers.

Year 4     
Travel to Flatford Mill in Suffolk for a trip supporting the Geography, Science, History and Art curriculum.                                                                                         
Year 5    
Visit York where History is the main focus.                                                                    
Year 6    
Cross the channel and spend a week in France developing their language skills as well as learning more about French culture and History.
Year 7    
Spend a week in Dorset completing the field work for their CE Geography projects and enjoying the coastal environment. 
Year 8                       
Travel to Devon as part of their activities program to celebrate the end of their CE exams and spend a week of outdoor and adventurous activities as well as team bonding.  


Other trips include Biennial Sports tours and Ski trips as well as regular music tours.  These again enrich the boys education through opportunities to travel with boys outside their direct peer group, take on roles of responsibility and experience other countries and cultures through the medium of sport or music.