House System

During their first week if you asked a reception boy which house he was in he might say he is in the ‘red house’; by the second week he will already know that means he is in Barnes!

Such is the boys’ affiliation with their house. As a school he encourage healthy competition and the house system provides a perfect mechanism for motivating pupils to give off their very best. House points can be awarded for just about anything. Obviously effort and attainment with academic tasks is the primary source – but sports, music, art – you name it, are all avenues for getting points to help your house. Boys will also be recognised for being helpful and well mannered – all being documented on Mr Peyton’s clipboard as he publicises the house totals each week. The end game is of course a cup, the glory and lashings of ice cream – but the year is punctuated by those weekly announcement of points. These meetings give the House Captain and Vice-Captain a chance to rally the troops with impassioned speeches. Many a campaign has been won on the back of such leadership and as such the House Captain / Vice-Captain roles are much sought after and their election is exclusively by the pupils.

The names of the houses here at Tower House are: Barnes, Chiswick, Kew and Putney