At Tower House, Latin is championed as a subject which can be studied fruitfully by the great majority of boys across the educational spectrum. The uses of Latin are many: as well as being an end in itself, it illuminates aspects of English, French and History. As a code, it shares many working methods with Maths and Music. Many of its terms can be found in Science and Geography, and there is also plenty of Greek and Roman Art to look at and admire.

Latin is not ‘easy’, but it can definitely be ‘fun’ – indeed we believe that its rigour is what gives it value. Boys first meet Latin in Year 6. Grammatical concepts are drilled comprehensively, and the boys are encouraged to hone their skills with computer practice exercises. Debates, drama, reciting poems and even dressing up are further encouraged, amid the vocabulary-testing, syntax-building and translating – both into and out of Latin.

As well as language work, boys will become familiar with some of the great founding stories of the Roman republic, as well as learning about daily life in the Roman world and conducting their own research into Greek myths from Jason and Heracles to the Trojan War. Whether creating PowerPoint presentations, or touring the exhibits at the British Museum, Tower House aims to enthuse its Latin students with an appreciation and understanding of the classical world.

In year 8, we offer boys who excel at Latin are the chance to study Common Entrance Level One Greek. Where Greek and Latin are studied side by side, the study of one language can complement the other, and we believe that students can register significant improvements both in comprehension and enjoyment.

"Debates, drama, reciting poems and even dressing up"