In the early years at Tower House, Maths develops through process and exploration. Boys begin to develop a sense of number and the concepts that underpin it. In the later Junior School years, while boys continue to explore the conceptual side of Mathematics, they concentrate on developing high levels of numeracy. By the end of year 3 the majority of our boys will have a solid grasp of their times tables. We focus on traditional methods for numeracy and the boys master confident written mechanical skills.

Our Senior School starts in year 4, learning about numbers and the number system, measures, algebra, shape and space and handling data. Throughout the Senior School, boys are taught mainly in their form group. For a few lessons each week they are split into two smaller groups – this allows greater depth to be given to certain concepts, and boys to receive an extra helping hand and support. Our Learning Support department also provides extra help for boys who find Mathematics difficult. Our curriculum delivers above that of the National Curriculum and although we are non-selective those working at a NC level of 5 or above at the end of year 6 will find the Common Entrance course much more accessible.

Algebra is introduced formally in year 6 – from now we place much emphasis on showing careful written methods and the boys are taught to express the written Maths in more detail. The Common Entrance syllabus begins in year 7. We cater for boys taking Level 1, 2 or 3 papers. We also work towards entering the UK Junior Maths Challenge. Boys from years 6-8 have a chance to participate annually in this competition. We have enjoyed much success, gaining Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and seeing boys get through to the Olympiad round of the competition.

"We focus on traditional methods for numeracy and the boys master confident written mechanical skills"