The Arts

We encourage our boys to express themselves through the arts, both inside and outside the classroom via co-curricular activities.

We are renowned for our ambitious and successful drama productions, often involving over half the school. These productions are modern and contemporary and give the boys opportunities to experience all aspects of performance.  This can of course mean taking centre stage but of equal importance will be the boys who work the lights, stage manage or hold the sound boom when filming.  Take our full-length feature film The Hobbit  for example, which involved seven days’ filming on location and featured a cast of 70 as well as the technical crew.

Music is another focus at Tower House. Boys can join the choir, rock bands, orchestra, swing band, string group or woodwind ensemble. They can choose to play an instrument from a wide range including the clarinet, flute, piano, violin, cello, recorder, saxophone, trumpet, obo, drums and electrical/classical guitar.  Musical concerts are an regular part of the calendar and boys are given opportunities to perform individually and in their various groups at numerous times of the year.  These include Christmas, Spring and Summer Concerts as well as our annual Carol Service and Speech days.

Mental Health Awareness Month

With Mental Health awareness month in full swing THS has been focusing on our mental wellbeing, identifying our feeling and learning about Mindfulness. Recently all year groups have taken time out of the classroom to reconnect with nature in the fantastic Richmond Park to take some time for outdoor activities including drawing, sculpture making alongside sports and games.

More News... about Mental Health Awareness Month

"Determine never to be idle... it is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing"

-Thomas Jefferson


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