A legacy of challenging, interesting and unique productions have become a hallmark of the Tower House Drama department over the past ten years. We are unequivocal in our belief that THS drama should be wholly inclusive. Every boy that auditions for our annual productions will get a speaking part, even if that guarantees a prodigious cast of seventy or eighty. As well as adapting scripts from feature films, developing completely original stage plays has been a revolutionary way of capturing our boys' imagination and inspiring them to get involved in drama. Crimson Tide, Lord of the Rings, Sneaky Blighters and Space Race are recent productions that showcase the variety and range of genres that we have explored.

Tower House focuses on developing acting skills to the highest of standards, predominately channeling the boys' development towards stage performance, but above everything we also give them the freedom to enjoy doing drama within a relaxed environment. On a weekly basis we offer small-group drama coaching and larger group club sessions. We strive to offer students the opportunity to encounter a diverse, wide range of acting experiences.

We also aim to gradually banish their inhibitions and develop their self-confidence so that the boys' ability to 'perform' in any capacity becomes something they look forward to, as opposed to a daunting experience.

As well as continuously building upon the regular and vital stage orientated performance skills, every one of our drama productions involves a significant amount of filming in a range of national locations, giving boys that are interested in filmmaking an opportunity to learn how to act to camera. Tower House is renowned as the first prep school ever to produce a full-length production quality feature film with our boys’ version of The Hobbit in 2012. We followed this up in 2022 with Proxima, an original science fiction screenplay. Large scale projects such as these give the boys a deep insight into filmmaking, allowing them to experience the detailed process of shooting multiple takes, maintaining continuity and the tricky art of ensuring perfect audio. 

The Tower House staff don't like missing out on the fun though! They also regularly take to the stage performing to parents and friends of the school. Performances such as Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, 'Allo 'Allo and Father Ted have been extremely well received and appreciated – showing the great camaraderie among the teachers at THS.

"Sessions strive to offer students the opportunity to encounter a diverse, wide range of acting experiences"