Design Technology

From Reception up to and including year 2, our boys learn Design Technology from their class teachers. In year 3 onwards, we teach the boys Information Communication Technology for half a term and Design Technology the remaining half-term.

From years 4 to 8, the boys learn through the Design Technology department. Here they enjoy opportunities to investigate design processes involving everything from ICT-combined design, electronics and woodwork to plastics, textiles and controlled modelling with LEGO® Mindstorms.

The boys make use of our vacuum-forming machine for modelling projects, as well as an extensive range of hand tools for creating models from designs.


The ICT Department

At Tower House from Reception to year 8, we teach ICT every week. In Reception our boys learn the basics of opening and closing documents, simple web browsing and using graphics programmes.

From years 1 to 4, we teach the boys the basics around Office applications. We spend time on key areas including internet safety and cyber-bullying, programming with LEGO® robotics, 3D drawing and design skills with literacy.

Boys use interactive whiteboards, four pupils at a time, in a similar fashion to tablets, and from year 3 have their own email account which they’re encouraged to use to communicate with each other, home and staff. Homework is frequently uploaded to the pupil portal or emailed directly to the teacher.

From year 4, the boys take a more detailed approach to programming, design and control, becoming involved in many projects including:

  • Design/CAD: Google Sketchup, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash
  • Video editing and multimedia work
  • Animation software
  • Sound manipulation and music technology.
  • Espresso coding

We also provide extracurricular ICT facilities so that boys can develop their skills outside lessons during breaktimes. We have stringent systems in place, with a full-time ICT technician, ensuring online safety is always observed.

"[pupils] use a wide range of skills in information and communication technology (ICT) to support work across the curriculum"

-ISI Inspectorate