Aims and Ethos


Our Ethos


While preparing boys for a wide variety of future schools, we offer much more than exam-passing skills at Tower House.  

We also provide a rich learning environment in which the boys are given time to learn about themselves as learners: - to practise the skills of thinking, debate and inquiry, to modify their views because of another's reasoning and - not least -to listen, understand and empathise with the experiences of others.  

We also place a great deal of emphasis on the development of each boy's character and confidence - encouraging responsibility, compassion for others and a sense of humour.


Our Aims

  All other policies and decisions should be judged against these aims:

  • We aim to provide a happy, stimulating and secure environment conducive to learning and teaching activities where all pupils are treated as individuals.
  • We aim to provide the highest possible academic standards for pupils’ age and ability.  We provide high quality, subject specific, teaching that meets both the needs of individuals and the ultimate requirements of the Common Entrance syllabus at 13+.
  • We aim to enable pupils to gain the personal skills and confidence to shape their own futures, and those of others around them, in a rapidly changing world.
  • We aim to help pupils develop an awareness of good manners, a sense of their own self-worth, to value others and to delight in achievement.
  • We aim to promote positive attitudes of self discipline and encourage pupils to be responsible members of the school community and society at large.
  • We aim to promote an awareness of equal opportunities by developing respect and care for the welfare of others regardless of physical differences, special needs, gender, creed or race.
  • We aim to ensure the fullest possible development of the cultural (providing opportunities to contribute to plays, concerts and exhibitions), physical (promoting a healthy lifestyle and teamwork), moral, spiritual and social dimensions of each pupil.
  • We aim to communicate effectively with its governors, staff, parents and pupils encouraging support and close co-operation between home and school.


"I hear and forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand"