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Broadening Horizons Initiative

Broadening Horizons Initiative

We believe strongly in boys benefitting from two more years with us at Tower House. As they enter Year 7, our boys are encouraged to broaden their horizons and develop new skills and areas of expertise!

This programme aims to stretch pupils in Years 7 & 8 beyond the ISEB Common Entrance syllabus and provides opportunities for them to learn and develop practical skills that prepare them for life beyond THS. It is a time to stretch and challenge the boys in a familiar and supportive environment.

The Tower Project

A highlight for the boys as they enter Year 7, this one-year team-based project challenges boys to develop their entrepreneurial skills in setting up and running a small business. Guided by parent mentors from the world of business, boys are challenged to demonstrate effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving, technological literacy, global awareness, charitable involvement and leadership. External speakers will support them in a range of activities such as website design, effective marketing, financial budgeting and impactful presentation and communication.

Applying their ideas and practical knowledge to ‘real world’ situations aims to teach boys vital skills for life: working in a team, the value of careful research and financial management, and how marketing and presentation skills can determine the success of a business.

The final business plans and presentations are judged by our panel of school governors.


Developing confident and kind individuals who feel ready to have a positive impact on the world around them is a key part of the Tower House ethos. Learning how to lead through hard work, patience and collaboration is developed throughout the school but with particular focus in Years 7 and 8, whether it is within the classroom, school hall or on the sports field.

Junior ThED Talks

Our ThED Talk programme invites external speakers to Tower House to challenge the boys beyond the constraints of the classroom. In Years 7 and 8, the boys are given the opportunity to prepare and present their own talks on a topic they are passionate about and of their choosing. Their curiosity is further encouraged by supporting them in identifying and approaching influential speakers they would like to invite to Tower House to add to the programme.

The Biennial Cricket Tour to Barbados

The THS cricket tour is a major highlight in the school calendar and all Year 7 and Year 8 boys are invited to join the tour, irrespective of ability. This memorable trip offers a perfect blend of culture, stunning natural beauty and the deep-rooted Barbadian passion for cricket.  In advance of this trip the boys are expected to raise funds to buy cricket kit that is donated to disadvantaged Barbadian children's cricket clubs. This is a key part of the ethos of this trip, as is meeting and socialising with the local players. 

Community and Charity Work

Encouraging our older boys to work on various projects in our local community helps develop well-round characters who are aware of the place they hold in society and the importance of taking an active role in the world around them.

Running sustainability projects, helping the Friends of Tower House at school events, litter picking on the local common or spending time stacking shelves in the Roehampton Community Box foodbank are just a few examples of how our boys learn to serve their community.

Post Common Entrance Exam Program

The lessons are finished, the exams are done and the results are in! To celebrate the final three weeks that our Year 8 boys are with us, the legendary THS post CE programme gets underway. Learning how to fly a helicopter and Piper PA28 Cherokee, a behind the scenes tour of Twickenham, learning and performing a play-in-a-day and careers talks are some of the many highlights before the Year 8 boys leave Tower House for the final time! Of course, they will always remain Tower House boys and hold an open invitation to return to their school whenever they want. We love to see them back!