The school sports facilities are truly exceptional as we have access to the Wimbledon Qualifying and Community Sports Centre (formerly the Bank of England Sports Club) as our home grounds, just a brisk walk or short ride away from Tower House.  Here we enjoy access to football and rugby pitches, tennis courts and the main sports hall. In addition, during the summer term we are lucky enough to have access to the local East Sheen Cricket Club for all our training and matches.

We teach PE and Games to all our boys from Reception to year 8. In the Junior School, there’s a PE, games and swimming lesson every week. Swimming lessons take place at the newly built Home Guard Association swimming pool, around the corner from Tower House. Senior School boys enjoy one PE lesson and two full afternoons of games a week.

We keenly arrange matches and tournaments with other schools, and our sporting achievements are excellent. All our boys get the chance to experience the thrill and challenge of playing as team members, irrespective of sporting ability. Fixtures begin in year 3 and remain a high-profile part of Tower House. Major school sporting events include the whole school sports day, house football and cricket matches, as well as the whole school cross-country race in Richmond Park.

The main three sports in games are football, rugby and cricket, however we also offer hockey, basketball, handball, gymnastics, health related fitness, cross-country, athletics, strength and conditioning as well as physical literacy. Sport is an everyday part of school life, with the Headmaster often seen down at the sides of rugby, football and cricket matches. Outside lessons, we run after-school clubs for boys of all ages.

At Tower House, we encourage our boys to reach their full potential, enjoying and participating in each sports activity. We offer bespoke sports coaching to ensure that every boy is stretched and advances as far as he can. We believe there’s a sport for every boy and that each should experience the excitement of playing sport as part of a team. 

Cricket in particular is a real passion at Tower House for the staff, boys and parents! We have both parent and staff cricket teams that play fixtures against each other, as well as local school teams. New parents are warmly welcome to join in for social events and cricket matches! 

"By trying many different sports we hope to give the opportunity to find out where pupils' own passions lie, thereby instilling a life-long habit of activity as they go into their adult lives."